Creating a blog is not as easy as it sounds… or looks.

If you have considered creating a blog at any point, and have done any research at all, then I know you have seen all of the blogs out there showing you how you can start a blog in 15 minutes or less. Are they lying? No. They aren’t. You can. You really, really can. I did and I don’t mind showing you how either.

However, there is so much more to creating a beautiful, professional-looking website that makes people want to come, and spend time exploring.

I love working my blog, and I actually have 2! So why am I telling you this?

I find that when I adjust my expectations, it helps me to manage my frustrations easier when things don’t go the way I think they should.

These are all links to blogging resources that I highly recommend are linked below.

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Let me help you set your expectations for a minute.

Be ready and willing to work hard, and learn a lot.

Then, expect to invest a lot of prayer, time, energy, and even some money into your venture.

When you’ve set your expectations in all of that, don’t forget to expect that your blog will grow at the pace the Lord intends it to and not a smidge faster. The blog journey is just as much of a growth process as our own personal life journey is.

Just keep moving. Don’t stop.

Expect to have a learning curve when you are setting up your blog. Sure, you can follow some tutorials and get it live. That’s easy enough to do. However, if you are going to use WordPress, you also will need to learn some basic coding too. Yeah. That’s where I began pulling my hair out. My expectation of getting my website the way I wanted in 2 or 3 hours, turned to weeks. I finally began searching for an easier way to get it to do and look the way I wanted it to. Divi theme was a life-saver for me… and my hair. Haha!

I will admit that I splurged on this purchase. BUT… I was set up and happy with the look of my blog in very little time. Actually just a few hours, verses the weeks I had been working every spare moment before DIVI. It was soooo easy to make it do what I wanted it to do, and I could throw away the need to know all of the coding and such because it’s literally drag-and-drop. I LOVED IT! Still do!

The one major consideration, if you think you might want to go that route, is that I have read that if you use Divi, that you will always need to use Divi because it’s hard to change themes when you use it.

My thought is that I can’t foresee not using it in the future because of it’s ease of use, and flexibility to change the look and functionability of my blog, colors, logos, plug-ins, and even style. Also, as website technology needs grow, they update Divi frequently so there are new opportunities that make it even easier to use and manipulate, and change my site’s look and feel. I’m content with the thought of always having it.

With all that being said, another protection I do manually (aside from normal back-ups), is that I keep a copy of every blog post, and page (including pics) in my documents so that no matter what may happen, I would be able to re-create my website, as it stands today.

The reality is that blogging is so much more that plopping a website up and writing a few posts. There is promotion and social media to consider, and that can get time-consuming. Are you going to create products? How do you drive traffic to your blog? You have to create beautiful, engaging pictures so that your posts are visually appealing. And the list goes on.

Bottom line is that creating a blog is not as easy as it sounds…for a beginner. BUT. YOU CAN DO IT!

And if God is calling you to it… DON’T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE! Get on over to Siteground and purchase your hosting package for $3.95 a month.



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